Professor Hakim is a General and Transplant Surgeon. He is the Surgical Director of the Transplant Unit at the Hammersmith Hospital London and has a particular interest and expertise in kidney and pancreas transplantation. He successfully started the first Pancreas Transplant Program in the South East of England.

The technique, known as finger-assisted nephrectomy, has been pioneered by Professor Nadey Hakim. It reduces the operating time from between two and three hours to just 45 minutes, and according to new research, the donor is at lower risk of complications. The reduction in operating time also means the kidney is fresher for transplant and there is less chance of the organ being damaged during retrieval.

During a finger-assisted nephrectomy, a 1½in incision is made below the ribcage for removal of the kidney. The surgeon then uses his fingers to manoeuvre the kidney into a position where it can be removed, using instruments to separate it from the connective tissue that holds it in place. Once this is done, the organ is lifted out with the fingers.

The finger-assisted nephrectomy means that the organ is 'on ice' a matter of minutes after it is separated from its blood supply.